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Pangea Tech is an international company offering support and rollout services in the retail and hospitality sectors throughout Europe.

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When personnel or time resources are limited, we support you as a retail or hospitality company so you can focus on your core competencies. Pangea Tech relieves you of activities that do not occur regularly (rollout, implementation of new software and hardware) and handles them reliably and in high quality with a highly qualified team - throughout Europe.

Innovation & technology
at the next level

We focus on innovation and the latest technologies. This makes it possible to offer solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

You can expect a professional approach and high-quality services. All employees have in-depth expertise and a wide range of experience to ensure that even the most complex IT problems are overcome. Through individual support, we are able to solve any challenges that arise quickly and directly.

With us to the top

  • Individual and innovative solutions
  • Industry top professionals with best services
  • Intelligent technologies with high-level support
  • Implementation flexibility
  • Assured country conformity
  • Sparring partner for your projects

Pangea Tech
Main Locations

Nozay, France
Willich, Germany
Bielsko-Biala, Poland

In total, Pangea Tech has over 350 specialised technicians, consultants and support staff in Europe and the Middle East.

Countries where Pangea Tech is already active:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

In addition, there are already installations in over 25 countries outside Europe.

Retail & Hospitality

Take advantage of
our expertise

Pangea Tech supports you in your plans as a general contractor or alternatively only in parts of the project. When you choose Pangea Tech, you benefit from more than 20 years of experience of the three companies MS POS, Jantar and Mojovida and the extensive expertise in these fields:








Project Management




Take your chance and arrange an initial meeting

Successful business requires professional advice. Take the opportunity now to benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the hospitality and retail sector. Arrange your free initial consultation today.

Initial consultation

Our approach
this is how we proceed

In the first project phase, we analyse your requirements and work with you to determine the desired scope of services. We discuss the best approach for your business and communicate recommendations on which approach is most appropriate for the implementation of your project. On our side, we build a team of specialists who have the required expertise for this project and will implement your requirements in an efficient and customer-oriented manner.

Thanks to our years of experience in a wide range of projects, we know the national requirements, fiscal legislation and working methods. This enables us to ensure that existing and new regulations are taken into account at all times in the implementation of the project.

Pangea Tech covers the following range of services

SW support-hotline


Localisation - Fiscalisation

Technical Support


Project Management




The idea behind Pangea Tech

The challenges and demands for retailers and restaurant chains are manifold. The complexity of the different markets, staff shortages everywhere and increasing demands in terms of country conformity, constantly new trends and the supposed obligation to keep up with ever higher standards, plus the rapid development in the IT sector and in new technologies - who can still match this and keep track of everything?

This is exactly why we founded Pangea Tech!

By merging the three companies Mojovida, Jantar and MS POS, we bring together extensive expertise with years of experience and deep knowledge. Together we offer a portfolio that leaves (almost) nothing to be desired. Up to now, there are few providers in the European region that offer such a broad range of products and are still customer-oriented, competent and flexible.

Competence and versatility - our structure makes it possible.

Stay ahead, stay focused - Pangea Tech, your reliable partner

The three founding companies

  • About Mojovida
  • About MS POS
  • About Jantar
  • About Mojovida

    Mojovida is one of the leading Retail and Hospitality IT integrator and solutions provider in France with more than hundred experienced people dedicated to Stores and Restaurants technology. For more than two decades our customers have confirmed their trust in our ability to deploy and support their store IT solutions in western Europe and were more and more expecting a global ability to provide the same level of service and quality across all Europe and further.

    From large retailers with hundreds of stores who wish quick rollouts of new technologies to mid-size organizations who request a partner able to take over the whole design and run of their complete store IT, we design and operate tailor-made solutions and make them evolve at customers’ request.

    As an integrator we sort out the best breed of the market in terms of hardware, software, payment solutions to perfectly match operational specifics of the brands, and ensure the global interaction of all these components, including developing requested interfaces if needed ourselves, or driving software partners to enrich their solutions in the expected direction.

    Mojovida's services at a glance:

    • Integrator
    • Support
    • Helpdesk
    • Rollouts
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Project Management

    “Our Pangea partners share the same vision and culture and will allow Mojovida’s customer to benefit from a seamless organization for all their local settlements. Local follow-up with global methodologies and project management are the key success factors for new continent-wide projects.”

    Nicholas Vincent,
    President at Mojovida

  • About MS POS

    The team consisting of consultants, developers and support members at MS POS provides retailers and hospitality businesses with professional POS systems from a single source, covering both consulting and service as well as hardware and software. Since 2005, we have been acting as an all-in-one partner for our customers in DACH and worldwide - with strong solutions, many years of experience and comprehensive service up to the go-live.

    We are at your side to advise you on the choice of the optimal POS system. We analyse your situation and develop the best possible solution for you. Our goal is your success, e.g. through efficient processes, intuitive handling and legally compliant implementations.

    Our portfolio includes also hardware (cash registers, printers, handhelds) from well-known manufacturers that has proven itself over many years. We support you in choosing the right cash register and prioritise your individual needs. Our goal is to establish sustainable and trustworthy customer relationship, as the choice of POS system is usually a long-term decision.

    For existing installations, we offer individual maintenance concepts and support offers tailored to your needs.

    MS POS services at a glance:

    • Software ERP, CRM and POS
    • Hardware
    • Support
    • Rollouts
    • Development
    • Localisation
    • Project Management

    „Retailers and restaurant chains have to focus on their core business especially when staff is short. We founded Pangea Tech to help our customers with their rollouts, provide them with consulting and support in Europe and Middle East. Doing so, they can fully focus on their customers.”

    Konstantin Gergianakis,
    CEO und Management at MS POS

  • About Jantar

    Jantar is an integrator of IT solutions with a long-standing family tradition. We specialize in providing a wide range of services, hardware, and software for sales systems and automatic identification based on barcodes and RFID. Jantar offers business solutions for retail, logistics and manufacturing, the automotive industry, and the public sector.

    We create the Jservices, Jsoftware, Jlabels, and Jwave brands, which offer dedicated solutions within our portfolio. Jantar delivers ready-made products or creates IT systems for businesses from scratch. We support you in all phases of your investment, from design through application and device integration, training, implementation, and servicing.

    We operate according to the philosophy of “technology of benefits”, which in practice means an effective resolution of the IT issues put forward by the client. As experienced players in the IT market, we chose the optimal portfolio of services, appropriate software, and hardware. The solution must meet expectations and translate into real benefits and improvement of the customer's business. We operate based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
    We cooperate with international and national leaders in the IT market.

    Jantar's services at a glance:

    • Localisation
    • Development
    • Rollouts
    • Hardware
    • Support
    • Project Management

    “The presented companies have been cooperating with each other for years, so the time has come to combine our Jantar experience and achieve synergies with Mojovida and MS POS. Our joint customers will get the best we have as Pangea Tech.”

    Przemysław Targosz,
    CEO at Jantar


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